DUI with Kids 

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Your life can greatly change even with just a single DUI charge. If you’re convicted, it can cost you suspension of your license, jail time, and fines, even if it is your first time as a DUI offender.  


On the other hand, your life is about to get a lot more complicated if you’re arrested for DUI with kids in the vehicle. You’re considered a threat to public safety if you drive under the influence. You are also a threat to yourself. However, you are now looking at potential child endangerment if your kids are in the car when you’re driving under the influence. It is another problem that can add more to your sentence and mandatory jail time. You’ll need the help of Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers for this. 

Here are a couple of potential penalties you’re going to face if you are driving under the influence with children in your vehicle.  

You Can Face Improved Punishments 

If you are convicted of DUI with a kid in the car, you will face enhanced penalties. Usually, if the kid is under the age of 14, he/she is considered a minor. This charge is also known as DUI child endangerment. These punishments are added on top of any penalties you obtain for the DUI itself. You will probably spend time in jail if a minor was in the car, even if you will otherwise have gotten by with probation on a 1st-time misdemeanor charge. To be more specific, here are a couple of improved punishments for DUI with kids: 

  • 1st DUI offense – 2 days in jail 
  • 2nd DUI within 10 years – 2 weeks in jail 
  • 3rd DUI within 10 years – 1 month in jail 
  • 4th DUI within 10 years – 3 months in jail 

It is vital to keep in mind that DUI with kids isn’t considered an extra charge. Also, the improved punishments can be only applied if you’re convicted. The extra punishments will be dropped together with the DUI charge if your lawyer argues successfully that you’re charged wrongfully. 

Your Kids Can End Up in Protective Custody 

What will happen to your kids if you’re pulled over with your kids in the vehicle and arrested for DUI? The authorities need to choose what to do with the kids. The officer might contact the parent and ask him/her to come to pick up the kids if another parent is available and able to care for them. However, your children can foreseeably be placed in a foster home, shelter, or other protective places while you go to jail if no relative or parent is available.  

Your Kids Can Be Killed or Hurt 

If we aren’t talking about legal issues, then the lives of your kids are placed instantly at risk if you drive while you are drunk. Of course, this is not an overstatement. Keep in mind that if you’re drunk, your judgment is affected. Also, it is important that you know that most car accidents every year are caused by drunk driving. If you want to avoid this, don’t drive drunk. 

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